I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck…. Emma Goldman

I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.  Quite a sentiment – how can we disagree?  Especially with Valentine’s Day approaching.  As promised our Valentine’s Day Collection 2017 is up and ready for viewing!  Please check it out at https://cityblossoms.com/valentines-day.php

Place your order before 2/9/17 using the code VDAY14 and receive 10% off on your order!

Enjoy the holiday with a loved one, a BFF, a parent, even your dog!  Just please don’t forget to include flowers and lots of chocolate!

Happy Valentine’s Day from all at City Blossoms!

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Life is a flower of which love is the honey……Victor Hugo

Valentine’s Day could not happen at a better time of year, especially for us on the East Coast!

February is one of the coldest and dismal months of the year and can be remedied with either a trip to the Caribbean, if you are lucky, or a more affordable approach – FLOWERS!  But, why wait for Valentine’s Day?  Run don’t walk to your local florist and pick some up!   Preferably one of our two locations!  Gift them to your significant other, mom, dad, bestie, girlfriend, boyfriend or the best person – yourself!  There is a Chinese proverb – When you have only two pennies left  in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other!   WE say AGREED!!

A flower purchase could be and should be part of your weekly routine.  Try it for a week or two.  We guarantee you will be hooked and miss their faces when they are not around.  Even something as simple as a single bloom in a bud vase on your nightstand.  It greets you every morning and quiets you into your dreams at night.  The studies have been done – flowers have a long term positive effect on moods and it can be immediate.  Flowers are a natural and healthful moderator of moods.  When in a room they make a space more welcoming and create a sharing atmosphere.

So get yourself out of the winter doldrums January and February can bring and revive yourself with some gorgeous blooms!!

Here are a few of our classic beauties to dream about for that special someone on Valentine’s Day or a well deserved gift for yourself now!   Enjoy…. new collection coming soon!










Eveleigh 008Eveleigh 008 IMG_110

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Ringing in 2017

As 2016 comes to a close, City Blossoms would like to say thank you to all of our loyal clients for making our year so special!
You kept us “blossoming” doing what we love most and do best! What more could we ask for …except maybe peonies being in season all year round! (0;
Some of the highlights were collaborating with the loveliest “brides to be” at the most iconic venues in New York! Our brides were not only a delight to work with, they had a clear and beautiful vision which inspired many magical weddings. Starting on a high note with the gorgeous Nasim Farjad’s January wedding at Liberty Warehouse. Followed by yet another gorgeous bride, Stephanie Yaghoubi. Stephanie’s nuptials took place at Tribeca Rooftop with Manhattan as the backdrop.
City Blossoms also provided decor for our first movie premiere “Sully” at the iconic Tavern on the Green.
Here are some of our favorite images from 2016.
Happy New Year to all we are so excited about what’s to come in 2017!

Liberty Warehouse Wedding

Liberty Warehouse Wedding

Liberty Warehouse Wedding

Liberty Warehouse Wedding

Tribeca Rooftop Wedding

Tribeca Rooftop Wedding

Tribeca Rooftop Wedding

Sully Movie Premiere Tavern on the Green

Sully Movie Premiere Tavern on the Green

Sully Tavern on the Green

Sully Tavern on the Green

Sully Tavern on the Green

Sully Tavern on the Green

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Holiday 2016 from City Blossoms NY

Wishing all from City Blossoms NY a peaceful and happy holiday season!

Happy Holidays from City Blossoms NY!  We wish a peaceful and joyous New Year for all!

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Meet the City Blossoms team!

At City Blossoms, we love team outings, as we truly believe that they are a great way to facilitate bonding with our team and give us a chance to get to know one another outside of the office. That is why our gatherings are not limited to just holidays: we always come together to celebrate birthdays, organizational accomplishments and other special occasions.

Last Tuesday our team met at the Water Club, a waterfront restaurant with wonderful views of New York and Long Island City. Great food, refreshing drinks and a wonderful company… what else could we wish for! 🙂 And we would like to share with you our pictures. Please, meet the City Blossoms team!



From left to right: Andres Sampedro, Ahnerys Diaz, Inga Mickute, Anna Bagirova, Karina Granin, Inna Lipovsky, Heather Preyer, Anna Meshcheriakova, Jamison Lee, Irena, Rudy Vidals, Javier Rivera


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Inspired by Spring

“Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.” Lewis Grizzard.

There is so much to be inspired about in the springtime. Flowers are pushing through the once frozen soil to add a pop of color and softness to the world, birds are chirping, the sun is shining brighter, the day is longer, and most importantly, being able to hang up your heavy winter coat for good.

Take a look at some of our favorite spring inspirations.

558c2888ed8c6$!x900 558c28889e9ac$!x900IMG_1914Cipriani 42nd Street Wedding 1IMG_2444DLNY01209_WP_Di_1097 DLNY01209_WP_Di_0671 Cipriani 42nd Street Wedding 2

00570_Chris_©AlexZ 00622_Chris_©AlexZ

613228VERAALON_247_FatOrangeCat VERAALON_370_FatOrangeCatIMG_287

0053photo_by_shooting_stars_pro_DSC00726IMG_6295-2346936969-O IMG_6305-2346940667-O  Baby Boy CC DSC00250 DSC00379Table RunnerGLM_8018DSC00966jenngeneWED-0108IMG_139DSC01944100 Pink PeoniesDSC01210


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Real Weddings: An Elegant Wedding at Midtown Roof & Terrace

This summer we were very honored to be a part of Allison + Mike’s wedding at the Midtown Loft & Terrace in Midtown Manhattan. The space manages to feel intimate while being surrounded by the huge skyscrapers of NYC. In addition to fantastic views of the Empire Stare Building, the space is easily transformed to fit each event’s aesthetic.

For Allison + Mike’s summer nuptials, the floral decor was elegant, romantic, and sophisticated. The pink and peach tones in the centerpieces with the mercury glass vases was just stunning. Illuminated by the light of votive and tall hurricane candles, each table setting was whimsical and glamorous. It was a pleasure working with the sweet couple & their families through the planning process. We wish the happy couple a lifetime of happiness!

Venue: Midtown Loft & Terrace

Planner: Pink Monkey Events

Photographer: Jayde Jackson


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Real Weddings – Emily + Ryan, The India House Club, June 2014

Planning a wedding is always a very busy time for a couple. To avoid feeling stressed out during the process, it’s best to book your venue & caterer months ahead of time. Unfortunately for Emily + Ryan, their full service venue which included the food, flowers and decor, went out of business & permanently shut it’s doors one month before their wedding day.

Everything moves fast in New York City, but no one ever hopes to plan their wedding in a New York minute, especially when they’ve already planned their wedding for over a year.

One of our favorite venues, The India House Club, was available to host their wedding with the short turn around. The vibe & decor was different than the couples original venue, ReBar in Brooklyn, but the warmth and old school charm of the India House made up for it.

The floral designs for their wedding were garden style compositions of blush, cream, and white blooms. Accents of seeded eucalyptus, wax flowers, and dusty miller created a very earth feel.

Emily + Ryan were able to keep a level head through their unusual circumstance while planning their wedding one month before their wedding day. Check out the stunning pictures of their big day below. We wish them a very Happy Anniversary this month & many more to come!!

Photographs courtesy of: Clean Plate Pictures

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p681801793-4 p957241743-4

p1041322622-4 p979833594-4

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Ready, Set, Wedding Season!


We all love weddings here at City Blossoms. It’s truly a pleasure to design the floral decor for such an important day in a couple’s life. We love getting to know a family and being a part of their love story. It’s a busy time of the year for us, but it’s overwhelmingly rewarding.

The summer months are the most popular time of the year to tie the knot. The weather allows you the have the option for an outdoor ceremony and/or reception and for sun kissed outdoor pictures. Whether the style for your wedding is classic or nontraditional, bohemian or beachy, warm sunny skies will be the perfect backdrop.

Here are some of our favorite floral creations from last summer’s weddings. Looking forward to designing more unique & stunning arrangements and working with beautiful couples this summer!

0064 0158 0160 0940 1024 1088

Photo Credit: Leigh Miller Photography

KellyWilliamsPhotographer_McKenzieMahoneyWedding_Sep20_2014-5 KellyWilliamsPhotographer_McKenzieMahoneyWedding_Sep20_2014-11

KellyWilliamsPhotographer_McKenzieMahoneyWedding_Sep20_2014-15 KellyWilliamsPhotographer_McKenzieMahoneyWedding_Sep20_2014-17 KellyWilliamsPhotographer_McKenzieMahoneyWedding_Sep20_2014-20KellyWilliamsPhotographer_McKenzieMahoneyWedding_Sep20_2014-14

Photo Credit: Kelly Williams Photography

DLNY01209_WP_Di_0670 DLNY01209_WP_Di_0674DLNY01209_WP_Di_1097

Photo Credit: Dreamlife Photos

200_Full_Resolution 304_Full_Resolution - Copy 305_Full_Resolution 307_Full_Resolution Picture1 - Copy

Photo Credit: Tatiana Breslow

VERAALON_030_FatOrangeCat VERAALON_096_FatOrangeCat VERAALON_363_FatOrangeCat  VERAALON_563_FatOrangeCat 

 VERAALON_598_FatOrangeCat VERAALON_026_FatOrangeCat

Photo Credit: Fat Orange Cat Studio


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Celebrating Spring with City Blossoms

This winter has been a brutal one. Record low cold, huge amounts of snow, and never ending layers of sweaters & bundling up. Let’s hope that can all be put behind us until next year.

Spring flowers are filling the fridges at our stores, and we couldn’t be any happier. Below is a list of our absolute favorite spring blooms and pictures of our very own designs using them.


When I think of spring flowers, tulips are the first to come to mind. Whether they are bursting out of the ground or in a fresh cut arrangement, they’re soft shape and bright colors bring happy thoughts to all.



Lilac’s sweet, perfume scent and pastel hue are reminders of warmer days ahead. It’s free flowing, cone like shape make this bloom great all on its own, in a mix with other more structured flowers like Cymbidium Orchids, or in a loose, garden style arrangement.

 TJF Samples (5) DSC06166



A staple in spring arrangements, Hyacinth’s rich scent can be smelt from miles away. They’re available in a few different shades. but it’s the purple/blueish hue that’s our favorite in arrangements.





Peonies are definitely one of the most popular flowers for spring & summer weddings. Their romantic shape and variety of hues make them popular for bridal bouquets and wedding arrangements.

photo 5Website 028




Frequently used in our weekly flowers for offices, hotels, and residences due to their hardiness, Forsythia is a blooming branch that’s available during the spring months. It’s also a nice & colorful addition to tall centerpieces at weddings & events.

lavipour2SONY DSC


We know this March came in like a lion, so let’s hope it goes out like a soft, warm & gentle lamb! :o)


City Blossoms

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