Meet the City Blossoms team!

At City Blossoms, we love team outings, as we truly believe that they are a great way to facilitate bonding with our team and give us a chance to get to know one another outside of the office. That is why our gatherings are not limited to just holidays: we always come together to celebrate birthdays, organizational accomplishments and other special occasions.

Last Tuesday our team met at the Water Club, a waterfront restaurant with wonderful views of New York and Long Island City. Great food, refreshing drinks and a wonderful company… what else could we wish for! 🙂 And we would like to share with you our pictures. Please, meet the City Blossoms team!



From left to right: Andres Sampedro, Ahnerys Diaz, Inga Mickute, Anna Bagirova, Karina Granin, Inna Lipovsky, Heather Preyer, Anna Meshcheriakova, Jamison Lee, Irena, Rudy Vidals, Javier Rivera


20. July 2016 by City Blossoms
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